Bull City Workplace Challenge: Questions about Enpira

How does Enpira help me?

Your utility billing data is probably stored in spreadsheets or a file of paper bills. This makes it hard to see how much in total you are spending on energy and water over time. Enpira collects and stores your recent history of utility billing data, enables you to see it all in one place, and automatically tracks your usage and spending over time. It only takes a few minutes to sign up, and once an account is properly set up, Enpira automatically updates your account when new utility billing information is available.

How do I sign up?

1. Go to bullcity.enpira.io and create an account for your workplace. You will then receive a Registration Confirmation email.

2. Click on the link in the email to activate your account. Then log in to Enpira.

3. Click “Add a Building” on the Settings tab. Select the Facility Type of your Workplace, and enter some basic information on your workplace.

4. Once your Workplace is added to your profile, click the “+” next to Electricity, Natural Gas, and/or Water to add your utility information. Select the appropriate utility (e.g. Duke Energy, PSNC Energy, City of Durham), and then add your online credentials for your utility accounts, such as your username and password.

It will take some time to collect the data, so log back in at a later time to see all of your utility data together. If at a later time you change your utility login password, please then update your credentials in your Enpira account.

Can I add multiple workplaces to my Enpira profile?

Yes, you may add multiple workplaces.

How do I track energy savings over time from an improvement?

If you have completed an energy savings improvement, click “Add an Energy Saving Improvement” in your Enpira profile. Enter the start date and end date of the improvement, and put an estimate of the money spend on the improvement. Enpira will then track the weather-corrected savings from the improvement.

What if I do not have online utility accounts?

If you do not have online utility accounts, you can create them by going to your utility’s website and registering a new account. If you have an online account with your utilities but have forgotten your user name or password, you can reset your passwords through your utilities’ websites. You can also add utility data manually in your Enpira account.

Who will be able to see my utility data?

By registering an account at bullcity.enpira.io for your workplace, you are enabling the Bull City Workplace Challenge to view your usage information in order to assess the impact of the challenge and identify individual workplaces that have saved substantially. Here at Enpira we will also be able to see your data in order to provide account assistance. If you also register an account for your home, your home account will not be visible to the Bull City Workplace Challenge.

Is Enpira secure?

Yes. Enpira stores data securely. All passwords entered into Enpira are encrypted and not visible, not even to the Bull City Workplace Challenge. Enpira does not collect any personal information about you. After all, we are here to try and help you understand your energy and water usage, reduce your consumption, and save you money. That’s it.

Do I have to pay for Enpira for my workplace?

No. Enpira is being provided to you to use for your workplace free of charge courtesy of the Bull City Workplace Challenge. If you are interested in learning about Enterprise accounts, fell free to contact us.

Who should I contact with questions?

For Bull City Workplace Challenge questions, please email us at: BCWC@dconc.gov

For questions about Enpira or for technical assistance, please email us at: contact@enpira.io